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lesson number two

Instant Lessons™ are English language lessons complete with teachers’ notes and answer keys. The photocopiable lessons are based on articles from Reuters® News Agency, providing up-to-date lesson content at 5 language levels. Each lesson consists of at least 9 exercises, and are often supplemented by self-study interactive online exercises – Instant Workbooks.

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Features and benefits:

  • New lessons (Elementary to Advanced) released each month.
  • Reduce planning time by simply finding the lesson you want, then ‘print and teach’.
  • Browse or search the extensive library, featured lessons and recent lessons.
  • Match your lesson to an Instant Workbook™ self-markingonline exercise for your students to do in your computer lab or at home via the Internet.
  • Store your favorite lessons in your own personal ‘My Lessons’ library.
  • Design your own textbook or course complete with related online exercises.
  • Lessons are divided into pre-reading, reading and post-reading sections and can include writing, speaking, listening and comprehension activities.
  • Use the structured teachers’ notes with model answers and helpful hints for teaching each lesson.
  • Link lessons to your existing curriculum.